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United States claims China is resistant to nuclear talks

The United States is claiming that China is resisting talks on nuclear weapons, according to Ambassador Robert, Wood, who serves as the U.S. Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament.

“Despite [China’s] dramatic build-up of its nuclear arsenal, unfortunately it continues to resist discussing nuclear risk reduction bilaterally with the United States,” Wood states. “To date Beijing has not been willing to engage meaningfully or establish expert discussions similar to those we have with Russia. We sincerely hope that will change.”

China, however, says that it is prepared for dialogue.

“We stand ready to carry out positive dialogue and exchange with all parties to jointly explore effective measures to reduce nuclear risk and to contribute to global strategic security,” Ji Zhaoyu said.

Zhaoya is China’s Counsellor on the Conference on Disarmament, arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation issues under the UN framework.

The discussion took place at the meeting on the Prevention of Nuclear War at the 65-member U.N. Conference on Disarmament based in Geneva.

Earlier, Russia and the United States agreed to extend the New START arms control treaty for five years. This is the last treaty limiting deployments of the world’s two largest strategic nuclear arsenals.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden are planning to discuss arms control and security issues and strategic nuclear stability will be on the agenda.

Ambassador Wood said he hoped that such bilateral discussions may lay the groundwork for nuclear disarmament and future arms control treaties.

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