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Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebrities who could take the post of the President

What happens when people who are far from politics, such as celebrities, get involved in it? As a rule, this is chaos, a lot of problems, and other moments. As an example, gclub online casino is the classic “one-armed gangster”, which was the first in the world to give a player a jackpot of 1,000,000 dollars. It is endowed with three:

• drums

• lines.

Bids for each lane must be at least one and no more than three dollars. However, this does not prevent us from imagining which Hollywood celebrity could get the position of the President of America in the next election.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio was born and raised in Los Angeles, having made an incredible path to fame from the bottom to the top, using charisma, charm, and, of course, his talent. Many people say that Leonardo is just a beautiful boy who eventually got used to the image of a successful man. However, his actions suggest the opposite, because he provided political and financial support to those in need, participated in the wildlife conservation society, and cares about global warming and much more.

As a rule, the image of a man like DiCaprio is associated with many people with a man who is used to dating supermodels and living to the full, but this is the case when the interests of a person extend beyond the luxury life because he is a famous philanthropist.

2. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “the rock” Johnson himself once stated that many people take him for just a mountain of muscle, a Hollywood beauty who has no brains, but he is not going to judge people for such an opinion.

Nevertheless, he could easily get votes in the fight for the presidency. As the greatest WWE star of all time, as well as a famous Hollywood actor, he is much more than a bald Jock on steroids chasing a pack of bouncy greens.

He is incredibly rich, but you must at least have not only charisma but also an extraordinary mind, which Duane has in abundance in order to achieve such a number of zeros on his account, as well as such a level of recognition. He also has a background in criminology, which could probably help him collect votes for the presidency.

3. Matt Damon

Matt Damon, the star of the Bourne franchise, has more than just a pretty face. He is known as a Harvard graduate in the late 80’s and early 90’s. In addition, he wrote an excellent script for the movie “Smart will hunting”, which also says a lot about him.

Today, Damon is a well-known Hollywood Mogul who supports various foundations and leads the fight against diseases around the world. Due to the help of his colleagues from the film “Ocean’s eleven”, he organized the Not On Our Watch Project, as well as the H20 Africa Foundation, which makes him a very versatile person.

4. Kelsey Grammer

Grammer is one of the few people from the world of celebrities who have supported the Republican party and openly share its ideas. He will definitely have a big influence on the establishment if he continues to follow his political views and ambitions.

In addition to the fame he has gained in the entertainment industry, Kelsey is also a person who has suffered a terrible loss. In 1975, his sister was raped and killed by Freddie Lee Glenn. In addition, the producer of the sitcom “Frasier”, David Angell, who was a close friend of Grammer, died during the September 11 attack.

It’s no secret that people who have faced tragic cases get more votes from the electorate if only out of pity, even considering the fact that Kelsey would never resort to such a thing. In addition, he has his weight in the Republican party, which would also help him in the election.

5. Michael Moore

Director, screenwriter, author, and journalist, Michael is a well-known “left-wing” political figure. He is well known for such films as” Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11”, and also knows that he is very interested in American politics.

To be more precise, Moore doesn’t agree with almost everything that’s going on. He even used the Oscar site to openly express his dissatisfaction with the invasion of Iraq in 2003, not afraid that the audience gathered had a different opinion.

Many will agree that a political leader should have a fairly tough position on certain things, and therefore, if Moore suddenly gets to the White House, he could finally invest in something really worthwhile.

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