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DEFCON Warning System – Statement on growing Ukraine situation

The DEFCON Warning System has been monitoring the military buildup in the Ukraine region.

Both Ukraine and Russia have issued statements accusing each other of being the aggressor and claiming to be ready for any potential conflict initiated by the other. Large-scale military movements have been observed on both sides of the border and the usual skirmishes continue in the Donbas region of SE Ukraine.

At this time, while the United States has given assurances that they support Ukraine in the current conflict over the Crimea situation, the U.S. has stopped short of promising military intervention.

As long as US and NATO military forces do not get involved, The DEFCON Warning System believes the Ukraine situation will remain a local, conventional conflict, and that Russia has no intention of attempting to take all of Ukraine by military force. Any military incursion or “annexation” will most likely remain limited to the areas south of an approximate line from Kherson to Luhansk.

This continues to be a developing situation and we will issue additional reports as necessary. We remain at DEFCON 5 – Condition Green – until further notice.

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Ongoing Geointel and Analysis in the theater of nuclear war.

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