DEFCON Warning System – System Status Update

Washington State, which is the headquarters for The DEFCON Warning System, has issued a State-wide Stay At Home order. All non-essential workers are instructed to stay home for two weeks.

The DEFCON Warning System is unaffected by this order. Our staff is diversified across the world, and we communicate via technologies that do not require us to travel. Our sources remain operational, though information is slower to come in now that so many areas are under tight government control.

It is understandable that most people are focused now day-to-day survival and wondering what is going to happen to them in the coming weeks and months Will they be healthy? Will they have a job? Will they still have someplace to live?

A world war, let along a nuclear war, is something that is far from the mind of any reasonable person.

Yet the world continues to move. North Korea continues to let everyone know they are a military force that hasn’t disappeared. Iran is resolute in its defiance despite being hard hit by the Chinese Coronavirus. China, for its part, has ramped up its propaganda.

In this area — war — the next few months/year are an uncertain time. Economic turmoil has been the catalyst for more than one conflict. Coronavirus will pass. But what will happen as the year goes on and countries start to pick up the pieces? Or in 2021?

The DEFCON Warning System remains vigilant, and we will continue to watch for signs of disturbance. Everyone take care of yourselves, your family, friends, and community. We will always stand at the ready, even in these trying times.

Thomas Lonely Wolf
The DEFCON Warning System

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