Lighthope's Beacon

Lighthope’s Beacon

Lighthope’s Beacon is a special category of articles.  Completely unrelated to The DEFCON Warning System or nuclear catastrophe or anything like that, it is a personal set of articles chosen by the site owner.  Covering religion and Jesus and maybe even a self-indulgent article on Battlestar Galactica (will they ever do the movie?), it is one of the privileges of being the site owner.

It’s good to be King.

None of these articles will be tweeted out, they won’t be showcased.  It’s a completely personal set of interests that I hope may be shared by others.

None of these articles are sponsored by The DEFCON Warning System and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The DEFCON Warning System or any of its Staff.

Thank you for allowing me this one indulgence.

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