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Ongoing GeoIntel and Analysis in the theater of nuclear war.  DEFCON Level assessment issued for public notification.  Established 1984.

“We are at the edge of war with Russia and China” – Kissinger

Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state and national-security adviser, recently stated that the United States is “at the edge of war with Russia and China on issues which we partly created, without any concept of how this is going to end or what it’s supposed to lead to.”

He goes on to recommended that the U.S. not “accelerate the tensions and to create options, and for that you have to have some purpose.”

Chillingly, the statesman opined that foreign policy is “very responsive to the emotion of the moment.”

He also gave the opinion that Ukraine must now be treated as a member of NATO, even if non-formally and regardless of whether or not the U.S. had some role in conflating the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Regarding Taiwan, he advised being “very careful.” He did not criticize the recent visit to Taiwan by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but he did warn about changing the relationship with China.

Ongoing Geointel and Analysis in the theater of nuclear war.


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The DEFCON Warning System is a private intelligence organization which has monitored and assessed nuclear threats by national entities since 1984. It is not affiliated with any government agency and does not represent the alert status of any military branch. The public should make their own evaluations and not rely on the DEFCON Warning System for any strategic planning. At all times, citizens are urged to learn what steps to take in the event of a nuclear attack.