North Korean propaganda promotes EMP attacks using nuclear weapons

Written by Mun Dong Hui

North Korean officials charged with spreading propaganda are informing residents about the significance of nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons. Propaganda officials are tasked with promoting the Workers’ Party of Korea’s (WPK) policies while also aiming to increase economic production.

They have been distributing a document that explains how nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks work, in an apparent attempt to strengthen domestic solidarity toward the regime.

An internal document recently obtained by Daily NK has a section on the power of a nuclear EMP attack. The notebook explains in detail what a nuclear EMP attack is, and what kind of damage such an attack can do.

The notebook states that in a nuclear EMP attack, “if the weapon explodes 30 – 100 kilometers above the ground, electronic machines and devices are severely damaged or their electricity cables are destroyed beyond repair.”

The notebook further says that nuclear EMP attacks are acknowledged widely as an important way to execute an attack against enemy forces.

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