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Saudi Arabia Wants to Be a Nuclear Power and Israel Has Demands, Report Says

As Saudi Arabia and the United States continue negotiations to build reactors in the kingdom, Israel has given Washington “red lines” surrounding the deal, according to a new report.

Although Israeli and Saudi leaders have reportedly improved relations in recent years over their shared opposition to Iran’s regional influence, Israel still has concerns about another regional power developing nuclear capabilities. Axios reported Sunday that the Israeli government has outlined specific “red lines” to the administration of President Donald Trump with respect to a Saudi nuclear agreement.

According to the report, Israeli leaders initially wanted to stop the deal altogether but have since realized that would not be possible. Instead, they aim to influence the deal’s framework to ensure their concerns are taken into account.

The Mediterranean nation’s “red lines” include requiring the U.S. to keep it updated about negotiations and to inform Israeli leaders in advance of the specifics of equipment given to Saudi Arabia. The Israelis have also demanded that Saudi Arabia not be allowed to enrich uranium within its borders, that Washington would be the only power allowed to sell nuclear fuel to Riyadh and that the U.S. would guarantee removal of all used nuclear fuel from the kingdom.

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