Russia Makes Progress on Fielding New Fleet of Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarines

Written by Franz-Stefan Gady

The Russian Navy’s fleet of Project 885-M Yasen M-class nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarines is slowly but steadily starting to take shape with the fourth boat of the class, the Krasnoyarsk, recently completing crucial hydraulic tests of its pressure hull, according to local media reports.

“A major construction stage — the hydraulic tests of the strong hull and its elements — has been completed on the nuclear submarine Krasnoyarsk,” the Sevmash Shipyard, the submarine’s manufacturer told TASS News Agency in a press release on January 23.

“The submarine has successfully passed the tightness test and its hull has withstood the characteristics laid out by the designer. Further planned work is ongoing to prepare the hull for insulation and assembly works,” the statement continues.

The hull of the boat is built with low magnetic steel to reduce its magnetic signature.

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