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How Should Christians Respond to the Escalating Normalization of Immorality in Our Society?

This Washington Post headline caught my eye: “How polyamorous people are marking commitment to multiple partners.” The article tells us about “weddings” and other “commitment ceremonies” involving multiple partners. At no point does the writer question the morality of such relationships. To the contrary: she quotes a psychotherapist who touts the benefits of such ceremonies and alleges, “We have the right to be with our loved ones and share the resources that we would normally get to share in a monogamous context.”

Here’s another headline along similar lines: “Why More and More Couples Are Turning To Discreet Affairs!” According to the writer, “Research has shown that the secret to a happy marriage is discreet affairs,” though he cites no such “research.” He nonetheless claims that “affairs can add excitement to a marriage,” sometimes “help marriages end on a good note,” “help improve communication in a marriage,” and “be a way to strengthen a marriage.”

In other news, the American Academy of Pediatrics has released a book titled You-ology: A Puberty Guide for EVERY Body. It includes content related to kids who identify as transgender. For example, in Chapter 3, a group of boys in a boys’ locker room realizes that a biological female is in the locker room as well. They question why and are accosted by the girl’s brother, who explains: “Oliver was assigned female at birth. That’s why you may have known him in the past as Olivia. But Oliver is a boy, so that means he’s transgender. He belongs in the boys’ locker room as much as any of us do.”

Meanwhile, the New York Post tells us about a “stay-at-home girlfriend” who “spends days stretching, getting botox, lashes.” Critics warn her that she is “totally dependent” on her boyfriend and encourage her to have a “back up plan” in case he “gets bored.” However, no one seems to question the morality of an unmarried couple living together. Since the number of such arrangements has nearly tripled in the last two decades and comprises 7 percent of the total adult population, such acceptance is not surprising.

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Ongoing Geointel and Analysis in the theater of nuclear war.

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