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World of Warcraft bans player for posting Bible verse

World of Warcaft, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game is, by some estimates, the second-most popular MMO-RPG in the world, currently attracting more than a million players into its fantasy world.

Of course, the real world peaks through. Within World of Warcraft are public chat channels where people talk about mundane stuff like the latest movie, sports, current events, etc. And of course, whenever people get together in a forum like this, politics and religion also are talked about.

Reading over these chat channels is an experience not for the faint of heart. Hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, the real person comes out, most likely because people know they can’t be punched.

Sex is a topic often brought up, and it isn’t G rated.

Politics is one of the most popular topics. Generally, you see less hatred between the two sides in the Middle East.

Religion comes up occasionally. Since the game population is generally located in Western Civilization, religion is about Christianity, and usually how “Jebus” is fake, hated, or a monster.

World of Warcraft is okay with all that. Sure, they do have a Terms of Service, and this ToS states that a player may not engage in “disruptive” behavior. It does not, however, define what “disruptive behavior” is.

Well, we know what it is now. In the midst of anal sex jokes, anti-Israel diatribe, and telling people they are monsters for being of a different political position, posting a Bible verse is verboten!

Enter a player who posted a bible verse every once in a while to the public chat channels. These bible verses were rather innocuous. Love your neighbor. Do not take an insult to heart. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Generally sayings that most people would agree with.

Well, apparently, this crossed the line. Calls for Biden supporters should be castrated and Trump supporters should be imprisoned are all okay. But the Bible? God Forbid!!!

Oh, I mentioned God. Should I be banned from the internet?

Well, this person was banned from World of Warcraft. His posting privileges were suspended for one week.

In response to a Better Business Bureau complainant, World of Warcraft (technically, Blizzard Entertainment, owners of World of Warcraft) said the posting of Bible verses were disruptive. Yet they were unable to point to anywhere in their Terms of Service where it says that.

Sure, a company can limit speech on their servers. Final Fantasy XIV has a rule that clearly states religion and politics can not be discussed publicly. World of Warcraft has no such rule. And clearly allows all types of conversation. Except God. Well, except supporting God. If you hate God, you can post all you want, apparently.

In the end, maybe World of Warcraft can ban someone for posting a Bible verse. Should they?

What has our world come to if we are okay with that?

Blizzard Entertainment did not respond to request for comment for this article.

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