Are you ready for a disaster?  Remember, a shelter without supplies is not a shelter but a tomb.

We have partnered with some distributors to bring you items you may need to survive disaster.  From storms which may may last for only a couple days to the truly unthinkable in which you could find yourself on your own for months or even years, these supplies will help you and your family when no one else will.

And don’t forget to visit the From the Staff Category.  These are items either made or distributed by our Staff Members.

Please note that, due to continuing product redesign, images are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect exactly what the product looks like.

We have many items available, but some have not been categorized yet.  So if you don’t see something you want, keep checking back.  Our inventory keeps expanding!

*** There is a minimum order of $20.00.  The distributor charges an extra for orders under $20.00, so we have to put a minimum order in place.